"It is the location that is really breath taking. Also the attention to detail, the amenities and the overall experience, which is why we decided on Si"
Mrs Ritika Deodhar
Sigma One flat buyer B-903
"Excellent attention to quality of construction, speed & good process is what I observed here, I m also into the construction field & got my colleagues"
Mr. Ashish M. Mutha
Sigma One flat buyer A-603
"Wish to live in heaven, then why not Sigma One? The place is serene away from the hustle-bustle of the city and pollution."
Sunita S Shah
Sigma One flat buyer A-702
"The landscape was so incredible, that I had to special care to ensure that its original beauty isn't lost. I have used some unique techniques to enhan"
Varsha Gavandi
Landscape Architect
"I wanted to ensure that each apartment gets the maximum advantage of this brilliant location."
Vinod Dhusia
Concept Architect
"It's close to nature and the location is superb and particularly in rainy season the scenery is breathtaking, apart from this the plan was superb."
Dr. P.k Pradhan
Sigma One flat buyer B-102
"Love at first site! friendship with kapil at first meet! Decision in the first hour! WOW!"
Sunil Mehta
Sigma One flat buyer B-401
"Given the location, the features, facilities and the architectural value, Sigma One indeed is true value for money."
Abhijeet Komawar
Sigma One flat buyer A-201